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Construction worker platform.

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India ka sabse bada

Construction worker platform.

Adhik Jankari ke liye Video dekhen

4 Lac+ construction workers ka network

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Indubhushan Ekachakra just hired 83 General Helpers

Sanchay Gilab just hired 43 Gypsums

Martanda Shradhdha just hired 95 Painters

Siddhartha Daruka just hired 87 General Helpers

Amit Battacharjee just hired 19 Carpenters

Kailash Shally just hired 5 Shuttering Carpenters

Sujit Hemang Kudesia just hired 37 Painters

Abhinandana Sarat just hired 95 Bar Benders

Ekanga Yelsangikar just hired 23 Aluminium Fabricators

Pankaj Renuka just hired 94 Masons

Amalendu Rakhi just hired 70 Carpenters

Yajnadhar Sourabh just hired 21 Welder Fitters

Kalidas Virmani just hired 2 Masons

Kaliranjan Swani just hired 70 Masons

Satish Sarasvan just hired 27 Masons

Yajat Sukanya just hired 66 Bar Benders

Ratul Kamalesh Shokrollahi just hired 76 Aluminium Fabricators

Nairit Pramsu just hired 71 Aluminium Fabricators

Daman Pujar just hired 64 Masons

Aroon Aadarsh Diwan just hired 52 Plumbers

Yajnarup Ranhotra just hired 7 Masons

Badrinath Amanda Vaikuntam just hired 45 Masons

Kapil Randeep just hired 7 Shuttering Carpenters

Adit Mayur just hired 84 Painters

Badal Priyadarshi just hired 94 Gypsums

Govinda Gulfam Thukral just hired 12 Welder Fitters

Omswaroop Ramanujam just hired 23 Plumbers

Yazeed Ramasubramanian just hired 81 Carpenters

Punyasloka Thirunavu just hired 25 General Helpers

Misal Harmendra Kolala just hired 98 Welder Fitters

Bandhul Ramiah just hired 45 Electricianss

Agha Thulasidas just hired 45 Aluminium Fabricators

Bratindra Chandrasekar just hired 64 Plumbers

Parvesh Patel just hired 91 Painters

Madhavdas Sadhwani just hired 40 Welder Fitters

Sachetan Mahajan just hired 9 Painters

Nirad Muthuswami just hired 16 Plumbers

Sagun Multani just hired 20 Bar Benders

Utkarsh Richa just hired 21 Electricianss

Ardhendu Hindocha just hired 42 General Helpers

Abhra Palia just hired 7 Masons

Chandraraj Chinnappan just hired 70 Carpenters

Vaijnath Kondapaneni just hired 24 General Helpers

Arun Shantinath just hired 49 Bar Benders

Shalin Shivendra Vishnavi just hired 86 General Helpers

Gurbachan Ranga just hired 36 Plumbers

Suryakanta Pradyot Vemuganti just hired 65 Carpenters

Azhar Vidvan just hired 37 Welder Fitters

Omanand Lalita just hired 63 Plumbers

Fanish Ganapati Parthak just hired 59 Gypsums

Syamantak Lecamwasam just hired 81 Aluminium Fabricators

Udeep Keerthi just hired 34 Gypsums

Trailokva Katka just hired 46 Aluminium Fabricators

Sunirmal Multani just hired 82 General Helpers

Virochan Yaksha just hired 72 Painters

Daruka Thamry just hired 53 Painters

Kanak Chandrakanta Pashupathy just hired 13 General Helpers

Adesh Palashranjan Ganguly just hired 89 Bar Benders

Tejeshwar Shubhankar Tikoo just hired 16 Bar Benders

Sudhamay Kedia just hired 6 Electricianss

Harish Unmesh just hired 24 Bar Benders

Madhu Raje just hired 78 Bar Benders

Parvatinandan Mayuri just hired 36 Painters

Bharat Vaithu just hired 99 General Helpers

Gurdayal Dhatri just hired 66 Aluminium Fabricators

Tanveer Pujar just hired 24 Plumbers

Wali Subrahmanyam just hired 67 Carpenters

Soham Nisha just hired 22 Carpenters

Sandananda Malti just hired 71 Electricianss

Kailashnath Uttara just hired 81 Aluminium Fabricators

Habib Rammohan just hired 18 Bar Benders

Kaushik Gala just hired 93 Carpenters

Dabeet Gavaskar just hired 58 Welder Fitters

Rupesh Lanka just hired 49 Electricianss

Ranjit Konkar just hired 48 Shuttering Carpenters

Moti Nerurkar just hired 73 Carpenters

Anmol Dwijendra Priyanka just hired 93 Welder Fitters

Shubhendu Jaffrey just hired 44 Gypsums

Rutujit Kanitkar just hired 68 Aluminium Fabricators

Kirtikumar Ranhotra just hired 62 General Helpers

Saurabh Mitra Kedar just hired 14 Shuttering Carpenters

Vedavrata Subhaga just hired 28 Carpenters

Gopal Dheeman Thangaraj just hired 80 Carpenters

Sudesh Vipul just hired 87 Carpenters

Pranit Saraf just hired 92 Welder Fitters

Gangadhar Polamreddy just hired 77 Aluminium Fabricators

Suresh Sadalge just hired 18 Gypsums

Vijendra Prashanth just hired 87 General Helpers

Sunasi Sunthari just hired 53 Welder Fitters

Milun Harbir just hired 86 Bar Benders

Debashish Battacharjee just hired 5 Bar Benders

Ronak Kodumudi just hired 2 Masons

Aghat Fanish Dinkar just hired 74 Masons

Lagan Umakanta just hired 3 Painters

Amitrasudan Vraman just hired 90 Gypsums

Ajitabh Daruka just hired 32 Bar Benders

Murarilal Dhiri just hired 82 Plumbers

Udit Tasneem just hired 35 Plumbers

Vikramaditya Chennapragada just hired 48 Carpenters


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Om Prakash  

Mason | Supervisor
8-15 years experience



Mason | Technician
5-8 years experience


Shyam Kushwaha  

Mason | Helper
0-2 years experience


Dhanesh Maurya  

Mason | Technician
>15 years experience


Tarkeshwar Kumar  

Mason | Technician
2-5 years experience


Satish Paswan  

Mason | Technician
2-5 years experience


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I am a small contractor who was looking to hire 5 masons. I was struggling to get the masons on time. But, when I booked workers on ProjectHero, I was impressed by the vast inventory they have! I can get as many worker applications as I want and I only need to pay for what I am consuming. ProjectHero has changed the construction workforce hiring ecosystem!
- Yogesh Yadav, Contractor, Jabalpur
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